"Shoulder length hair is acceptable for a female, but not a male.


It must be off the collar when standing straight, off the top of the ears, and above the eyes.


Sideburns may not extend below the bottom of the earlobe, mustaches may not extend below the lip, or the corners of the mouth. Beards, goatees, or any hair below the mouth is not allowed.”


 - FBI hair regulation

    An important thing to remember when roleplaying, is to never bring grief or guilt upon your partner when they refuse to roleplay with you. This may be for a variety of reasons;

  • Sometimes two writing styles cannot match or compliment each other.
  • Sometimes they are selective (which is totally fine!).
  • Sometimes their muse cannot remain active for particular threads.
  • They may prove uncomfortable by the muse, or the mun.
  • Perhaps you have broken one of the rules.
  • Perhaps you have exhibited problematic behaviour.

   If you are like me, then you spend an extensive amount of time writing on this site. I, personally, can spend up to 8+ hours writing here, and should you too spend an extensive amount of time on this sight— Do not feel like you are the bad guy for wanting your three to eight hour period to be as comfortable as you want it to be.

    Seriously, please don’t be the guy who guilts someone for refusing to roleplay with you. Being completely realistic, it would never be for no complete reason. We are not aiming to hurt you, or to insult you, or to claim that you are not “worthy” of writing with us— It is simply rpers trying to create the most pleasant writing-haven they can muster.

     Are we so wrong for this? Of course not! Never does a roleplayer reject another with the intention to harm or create drama— It is always for a reason, and please be an adult and respect that.

     Refusing to rp with some people/being selective of your partners does not make you a bad person. Sometimes you just gotta look out for yourself, as a beautiful and wonderful writer of the tumblr rp community!

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I miss soulless Sam sometimes.

i’ve never seen anyone shift to bitch face as quickly as sam does in that last gif

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People who skip the first 3 seasons of Supernaturalimage

and this is both a reaction and a reason why you shouldn’t skip

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I regret writing this card, it was a mean, cheap joke. We took it out of the game a while ago.

thanks! I wish that more people in comedy realized they could just, uh, do this, and not throw a big fucking stink about it, and go on to make more jokes that are good instead of bad. It is strange that so many people seem to imagine that a simple and sincere apology is a difficult or terrible thing to give.

Cards Against Humanity is a group of people writing immensely offensive joke prompts and punchlines for a living, and if they’re collectively a better person than you are when it comes to being called out on offensive language and jokes, you should really reconsider your behavior.

This is encouraging.


Wanna thread? Great! We could plot, but I suggest perusing my opens tag first. Or, here is a list of opens that I am immensely proud of as a writer and highly suggest! Please note that this is just a list of titled opens. Untitled opens can be found in the opens tag and should also be checked out.

General Opens

Somewhere Only We Know | Amnesia | Amazing | Angel Cakes | Morning? Bah. | Dream | New Perspective | And Love Is Not A Choice | Bottom of the River | Dragon Smoke | The Sky Is Fallin’ | The Beginning of The End | Advisor to the King | Whalesong | The Icarus Project | Frailty | Order Made | Kangaroo Court | Safe and Sound Fools Rush In

Directed specifically towards Supernatural
characters but flexible

Ink | Little Light | Home |  I Don’t Believe In God | Honest | A History With Books It’s A College Thing

Directed at Supernatural Canons and not flexible

All In My HeadSound of Pulling Heaven Down | Blackbird | About last night… | Adult Education 

Open to mutuals only

Shattered Wings | Dirty Wings

Opens with triggers and you should only reply
to if you are not triggered by such things

Gun Oil and Smoke [trigger warnings; abuse, violence, blood, wounds, implied rape]

And there ya go! A comprehensive list of the opens I highly suggest and am quite proud of!